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Snow Day Stew

The cold, gray days of winter have set in for the long haul and are beginning to drain the color from everything around, including our food. Too often, our winter meals become very monochromatic and less appealing than their spring and summertime counterparts simply because of what is in season on the vegetable aisle. I also find that wintertime can often become a repetitive set of meals from week to week, adding to the cold weather blues.
This week, we had another round of snow, like many people around the country. While snowed in, I was determined to make something warm, comforting, and flavorful without all of the heaviness of a typical wintertime meal. My favorite go to in a situation such as this is a large pot of bubbling stew.
I call them stews because I prefer my soups thicker and heartier than traditional recipes. I love to see chunks of vegetables, filled with color, in a bowl with a flavorful broth. This stew was perfect.
Although you may look at this recipe and think that …