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Taking Advantage of the Bounty

When I am cooking, there are several things that are really important to me. Although my husband and I are overly busy with work and travel, it has become a high priority that the food we eat be fresh, reduced in preservatives, and local as much as possible. Granted, the neighborhood in which I live does not have a farmers market that is open on days when I can get there, but we do make sure to grow some of our own food and look for roadside stands when we are driving.
     Part of being a conscious consumer is knowing that you are helping your community. It is my perspective that if you are able to find what you love locally, you are getting more nutritious, fresher food at a lower price and helping the economy within your town. Many local farmers and producers make their living from just a short period of time every year which means that the freshness is only available for a limited time. So what to do?
     Personally, I love to can and freeze fresh produce in order to have c…