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Confetti Salsa

I absolutely LOVE fresh vegetables. When the spring air becomes reminiscent of early summer days, all I can think about is enjoying the harvest. This salsa was a creation of my desire for something light, refreshing, and crisp. The lime juice adds a Caribbean flavor to the dish while the colors are so festive that they scream confetti. I make this salsa every weekend and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick, filling, and delicious after work snack, however, I have been known to simply eat it with a spoon for lunch. It is my new favorite go-to treat! In fact, I love this dish so much that I could not resist eating the salsa when I took the picture before finishing this post. Keep this recipe on hand for all those summer gatherings!
15 oz Canned Black Beans 15 oz Canned Yellow Corn 1 Red Bell Pepper 3 Green Onions, Chopped 1/4 Cup Fresh Parsley, Chopped 1/4 Cup Lime Juice 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil 1 teaspoon Salt 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper 1. Place the red bell pepper on the grill or unde…

Baked Apple Sauce Donuts with Maple Glaze

On Sunday evening, I was in the mood for something sweet and delicious. As I searched through the cabinets, nothing really seemed to catch my interest. Then, I remembered I had applesauce in the refrigerator and maple flavoring in the cabinet; the perfect solution was to create an applesauce donut with all of the flavors and spice of the old fashioned applesauce cake my grandmother made during my childhood. Another great thing about these donut is the maple glaze. The flavors scream breakfast with a subtle caramel undertone. On top of everything else, these are baked, not fried. So, in the world of donut consumption, they are basically guilt free! (Do you like my rationalization there???) No worries; with one bite of these delicious cake donuts, you will forget about an resolutions you may have made. Enjoy!

FOR THE BATTER 2 Cups All Purpose Flour 3/4 Cup Sugar 2 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg 1 teaspoon Salt 1/2 Cup Cinnamon Apple Sauce 1/4 Cup Milk …

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Wings

It seems like when the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, the grill is the place to be. Why heat up your house cooking for hours when the grill can do all the work while you enjoy the great outdoors. These chicken wings are perfect for parties, tailgating, or just for a night on the couch watching the big game. The utilization of chipotle powder adds a nice warmth to the wings without being overly spicy. If you have the time, you can allow the wings to marinade in the rub, but it is not necessary. I could see preparing them in the rub and packing them in a cooler for a weekend camping trip. YUM!!!
36 Chicken Wings/Drummettes 2 teaspoons Salt 1 teaspoon Mustard Powder 1/2 teaspoon Chipotle Powder 1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder 2 teaspoons Paprika 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil, for oiling the grill 1. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl.
2. Place the chicken wings/drummettes in a large, resealable bag.
3. Sprinkle with the dry rub. Press all of the air out of…