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Savory Grilled Corn

Summertime means warm days, long evenings, patio parties and fresh garden vegetables.  I love fresh vegetables straight from the garden! The sweetness from locally grown produce cannot be matched.
Here in the South, fresh corn on the cob is already filling the store shelves. The tender, sweet kernels filled with milky goodness scream summertime to me. I have vivid memories from my childhood of sitting on the front porch with my brother having to shuck the corn, using an old sock to rub all the silk off the cobs. I hated the job when I was a kid. It seemed to take endless hours to get the entire harvest clean. However, now that I am an adult, I cannot shuck an ear of corn without thinking about that time on the front porch.
In recent years, I have found that I love to grill fresh corn. The sweetness pairs perfectly with grill. This recipe is one that we often use while camping. By wrapping the cobs in aluminum foil, instead of their own husks, you don't have to worry about the corn becoming burnt or the husks going up in flames.....does it sound like i have experienced that before??  The butter and seasoning melt into the tender kernels and leave an infused flavor that is perfect with any summertime meal.

2 Ears Fresh Corn
2 Tablespoons Butter, Softened
1 teaspoon Seasoning Salt
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper

1. Shuck and remove the silk from the corn.
2. In a small bowl, carefully combine the butter and seasonings to form a compound butter.
3. Place each ear of corn on a piece of aluminum foil.
4. Using your fingers, spread half of the butter mixture on each ear of corn, thoroughly coating.
5. Tightly wrap in the aluminum foil.
6. Grill over medium heat for 45 minutes, turning every 15 minutes.
7. Remove the foil, being very careful to avoid the hot steam.
8. Serve immediately!


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