Thursday, April 5, 2012

Low Country Boil

So were on our last day of vacation in historic Charleston, South Carolina. We had been looking all week for a great little gem where we could get some crab legs and other fresh seafood items cooked in a nice seasoning, but have not found a restaurant that really fit the bill. So on this night, I decided to take the inspiration from the various adventures we have had and create our own steamer! Granted, we do not have the big steam pot and we are working from rather basic materials here at the campsite, but if you can make a cake on a camp stove, why not a seafood feast? The great thing about it all is that the taste is phenomenal and the cost is less than half of what it would be at a restaurant. Additionally we are getting more than twice the amount of food!!!! This recipe easily feeds 4 hungry people. If you put some appetizers with it, you could have a party meal!

6 Large Snow Crab Leg Clusters, approximately 3 pounds
1 Pound Live Mussels
1 Pound Large Shrimp, not peeled
4 Medium Red Skin Potatoes, halved or cubed depending on size
2 Ears of Corn, shucked and broken in half
5 Cups Water
2 Packets Old Bay Seasoning

Since we are camping, we do not have a large stock pot. What we used for cooking was a large, rectangular foil pan with aluminum foil to cover. Also, all of the seafood should be kept chilled until ready for use.

Step 1: Place seasoning packets, water, crab legs, potatoes, and corn in pan and cover tightly with foil. Place on the camp stove over medium heat. Allow to cook for 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Step 2: Remove foil and add mussels and shrimp.  Cook for 5 minutes or until all mussels are opened and the shrimp are pink.

Serve immediately and enjoy!!!

*Cooking Tips: If you are cooking the meal on the cooktop or in a large pot, keep a close eye on the shrimp and mussels as the cooking time may vary when they are in direct contact with the boiling water. Also, the water should be checked periodically to make sure there is adequate liquid. I did not have any trouble with loss of water because of the aluminum foil tenting; however, you do not want the boil to become dry so add more liquid if needed.

**Note: You could also add some lemon to the pot to brighten the flavor, but we did not have any so I left it out. Also, know that I removed the crab legs from the pan for serving and allowed the remainder of the food to soak in the broth to increase flavor and retain heat.

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